VitaDaily D3 Drops for Baby - 400 IU - 360 Drops

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Made with Certified Organic & GMO-Free Safflower Oil

  • Vitamin D drops are made from 100% Organic, GMO-free Safflower Oil for optimal health benefit
  • Maintain strong bones & help support your baby's natural, healthy immune system
  • Euro dropper delivers exactly 1 drop (400 IU) automatically, so no mistakes - Simply invert bottle
  • Vitamin D3 baby drops contain no preservatives, artificial flavors/colors - 100% safe for your baby
  • FDA-Approved - Made in USA in a GMP Certified Facility for baby's safety & your peace of mind
  • Convenient Euro Dropper Delivers Correct Dosage - 10 ml Bottle - 360 Drops


product Description

Give your baby the best vitamin D3 daily supplement available with our liquid Vitamin D3 drops.

See images above.

It's made using only 100% Organic & GMO-Free Safflower oil, contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives - just pure, simple goodness. It's FDA-Approved, GMP Certified and made in the USA to the highest quality standards.

Help your baby grow strong bones & develop a healthy immune system. Get started right now. Order yours today!


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